1. Do you accept animals?

Animals are not allowed in our accommodation.

2. Are your accommodations accessible in winter?

Yes, we are in operation 12 months a year. Our path is maintained in winter.

3. Are the hot tubs functional in winter?

Yes, the hot tubs are in operation 12 months a year.

4. What is the difference between each of the domes?

The 5 domes are identical.

5. What is the difference between each of the mini-cabins?

The 4 mini-cabins are identical.

6. Which accommodation has the best view?

Our 9 accommodations have a magnificent view of the Batiscan River as well as the mountains.

7. What are the heating equipment in the domes and mini-cabins?

Our accommodations have several heating sources: heated floor, convector and wood fireplace.

8. Is wood included for the fireplace in winter?

Yes, wood is included for your stay.

9. What are the cancellation or change policies?
The reservation is refunded 100% if canceled more than 30 days before arrival. No refunds within 30 days of the start date of the stay. An administration fee may be charged for any modification request.

10. Is the site accessible directly by all-terrain vehicule?
Our area is not accessible by all-terrain vehicule. In order to maintain a relaxing atmosphere, it is not permitted to circulate with a all-terrain vechicule on our site.